Comparison Between LED Street Light and Traditional Lights

Comparison Between LED Street Light and Traditional Lights

  1. High lumen yield

Driven streetlamp presents to multiple times more splendor than radiant lights without outflows destructive to the climate.


  1. Enormous energy investment funds

High power LED light sources are incredibly proficient restoring a 50 to 80% saving over customary sodium or mercury lights.


  1. Long life

Working for a normal of 10 hours of the day LED has a life expectancy of as long as 13 years, 50,000 hours. Not at all like conventional lights LED isn’t delicate and powerless to breakage or defacing.


  1. High Color Rendering

Driven Lights are magnificent Color how much does a street light cost to run  lighting,Much all the more plainly lighting for the Highway.


  1. No glare or strobe impact

Driven light sources don’t deliver glare or strobe outcomes normal in customary road lighting, lessening visual weariness for drivers and people on foot the same.


  1. No residue assimilation or yellowing

Since LED works at low voltage and low temperature there is no decrease in brilliance or yellowing, which is related with customary road lighting, over the life expectancy of the LED.


  1. Moment start

Dissimilar to sodium lights, call for a period delay.


Thing 250W HPS light 100W

Driven light comments

Highlights Gas release lighting Solid lighting Shake-confirmation better

Brilliant motion Higher Normal high-efficient,Better Color Rendering makes the environmental factors to be substantially more plainly in the haziness.

Light Same

Variety Rendering Poor Good

life range 2~3years 10~12years last substantially more longer.

Ecological security Pollution Non contamination without mercury, lead contamination

Support 3%/year 3‰/year – LED light requirements less Maintenance.

Power control Variable power Constant power “Steady power” makes saving more energy and life expectancy last longer.

Shrewd control Hard Easy Intelligent control.As: Time-control, Light-control, Temperature – control, Reinforced lighting security.

Input voltage 190V~245V 85V~260V

fire up voltage 190V None

fire up current 3.8A None

Wire cross-area 4000mm2 330mm2 Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires

Wire breadth 71mm 20mm Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires

Transformer limit 250KW 55KW Calculated on 9KM ‘s Wires

Kwh/day 2.5 1.0 Each light works 10 hours/day.

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